Baby joy for Corban and Matt

When Corban returned a positive pregnancy test in May, she knew that some secrets don’t last long, especially when it comes to pregnancy in women’s sport. The next few weeks would involve her deflecting some questions while also telling coaches and teammates she was expecting her second child in January.

“That can be overwhelming in itself so when it does happen it’s super exciting but planning around your career and with training, there’s not really a right time.

“It’s something you’ve got to think about as a female athlete and something I think needs more discussion and support.”

“The plan was to finish the year and try for a baby next year as I had big goals to play in the World Cup but in the end God had other plans and we’re over the moon.”

God had other plans and we’re over the moon

– Corban

Pregnancy shouldn’t ever be frowned upon by players or fans even if it impacts their playing career in the future. “It’s actually a really hard thing as everyone loves family and wants to one day have one,”

Corban has her heart set on a return to the game, but doesn’t want to put any pressure on herself.

Don’t worry CK fam, you will be seeing Corbs around for a while yet, just not on the footy field in hard contact.